​Death by Daniela


In another realm
beings dwell in all calm.

Eons old,
they forgot what they were once called.

Some of them stray,

go of their way.

Here is their tale,
as they walk through the veil

separating living and dead
in vain

a glimpse is enough
for the boarders to fail.

they gaze through human eyes
only but once, this is key

they see love
and can’t abort thee

we call it death
but little we know

it’s not one mysterious of man
it’s travelers, far off their home

they love deeply and never let go
but bodies – they don’t know

familiar with souls alone
they don’t have the use of blood nor bones

we feel bereft
our love has stolen – it’s theft!

they don’t ask
they do not barter

never they stop,
won’t accept a swap

what they love is theirs
it’s the way things go since eternity

and will continue to do so
in all infinity

and silly as humans are refuse to accept
feel sad instead, feel bereft

But all of us are mere travelers
so lets our life’s journey be simply marvelous!


Daniela is the writer of this poem, she describes herself as an inquisitive writing anthropologist. She likes minimalism, being happy and laughing with her friends.

Right now Daniela is traveling in Mexico, she continues her life expand. See more, Feel more, and know more, she is not limiting herself … we are looking forward of her posts.




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